Through her firm Leadership for Action, Turner provides a range of services tailored specifically to fit the needs and desired outcomes of the client agency or organization. These include:

  • Board planning, development, and leadership evaluation
  • Facilitating and strengthening teams
  • Managing and mediating conflicts
  • Leading civic engagement processes
  • Customized leadership training and development
  • Creating effective meetings and motivating members
  • Conducting feasibility studies

Turner is an IAF-Certified Professional Facilitator and a
trained mediator.

“I respect Carol’s facilitation skills immensely!”
“She is professional, attentive and objective, setting the tone for rich dialogue with groups of individuals from widely divergent backgrounds and perspectives.”

Robin Teater
Executive Director
American Leadership Forum of Oregon

“Carol’s firm Leadership for Action provided really helpful facilitation services as we worked on a complex set of issues within a very tight timeframe. Our group was comprised of a large number of people with a long list of issues.  Without her firm Leadership for Action we couldn’t have accomplished what we did in such a short amount of time. Our facilitator was great, helping us to identify the issues and to work together to produce action steps we could all buy into. Every member of our group was grateful for the contribution and assistance.”

Ree Sailors
Health Policy Advisor
Governor’s Office, State of Oregon
(Co-Chair of Health Information Infrastructure Advisory Committee)

“Carol was instrumental in helping us launch a large citizen’s advisory group.”
“As the diverse members of the committee grappled with complex, difficult and sometimes contentious issues, her guidance and facilitation skills assured that our meetings were productive and that all voices were valued.”

Judy Brennan
Director of Enrollment and Transfer
Portland Public Schools

“Our district hired Carol to help with a difficult situation; parents of students were at odds with a school district decision. We needed someone to help facilitate a resolution that would work for everyone involved. Carol was able to take a group that had very little trust in the school district’s intentions and turn the situation around through her clear process, calm presence, and consistent follow through. The resulting recommendations from the group surpassed everyone’s expectations and represented creative, out of the box thinking that has moved the discussion from one of contention to one of unexpected possibilities.

John Horn
Director of Leadership Development and School Improvement
Portland Public Schools

“Carol has a special talent for enabling deep and trusting conversations among participants, allowing the difficult subjects to be discussed respectively and thoroughly. There is no one better qualified to lead a group discussion where the participants must have real results, consensus, measurable outcomes, and that move an organization forward with purpose and energy.”

Tom Fuller
President and Chairman, PovertyBridge Board of Directors
Shiels Obletz Johnsen, Inc. (current)

Carol has been without parallel in bringing us together.”
“She has focused our discussions, helping us work through difficult issues so that we have a clear understanding of where we want to go and how we will get there.”
“We count on her intelligence, warmth and good humor to make it all work.”

Richard Feeney
President of The Madeleine Parish Pastoral Council
former Executive Director of Governmental Affairs, Tri-Met

“Carol Turner keeps a group focused on the goals of the meeting, while encouraging and respecting the contributions of each individual. Her experience and intelligence assure that the sessions she facilitates are well planned and productive.  She provides excellent summary and “next step” advice.  Carol is informed on educational issues, group dynamics, and organizational systems and seamlessly brings that knowledge to bear in working with school groups.”

Barbara Rommel
David Douglas School District