ist2_7984617-thats-the-pointCarol likes the complexity of policy issues, is comfortable working with diverse populations, and is creative in helping citizens, teams, elected officials and legislative groups promote sustainable change.

In the last four years, Carol has focused her work with groups dealing with complex policy decisions in an arena of public accountability. She brings her first-hand experience in several high profile public sector organizations which demanded productive strategic planning, close work with the community, tough budget choices, numerous policy decisions, and the ability to be visibly accountable to the public.

“Coming from the political world of the Portland School Board and the Mayor’s office, I am comfortable with and enjoy diverse, assertive groups with lots going on. I like the challenge of making sure all voices are heard, that priorities are worked through, that the thinking is rigorous, the conflicts are managed, the identity of the group grows and consensus is achieved. I am flexible with meeting the needs of the group and have a wide range of tools to draw upon.” (Carol Turner, 2010)

Carol Turner is a facilitator and organization development consultant who assists groups, teams and boards attain success. With extensive experience initiating and leading government and volunteer organizations and drawing on her knowledge of human dynamics, civic involvement and strategic planning, Carol ensures organizations she works with:

  • Achieve lasting results, Gain strong leadership skills,
  • Increase capacity to manage conflict,
  • Work collaboratively with diverse partners,
  • Implement successful community engagement

Turner’s work has spanned state and city governments as well as K-12 and higher education. She was the Education Advocate for the Office of Mayor Vera Katz in Portland, where she focused on strong, successful public schools as a critical part of a viable city. Turner served as an elected member of the Portland School Board for twelve years, was chairperson for three terms and president of the Oregon School Boards Association. As a psychotherapist for over twenty years, Turner worked in non-profit agencies and at Portland State University as well as with the Oregon Department of Human Services where she focused on linking social services with schools and local communities.

Turner is an IAF-Certified Professional Facilitator™, a trained mediator and is certified as an Oregon Woman-Owned Business and Emerging Small Business. Through Leadership for Action, Turner provides a range of services tailored specifically to fit the needs and desired outcomes of the client agency or organization. These include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Board development and training Facilitating and strengthening teams
  • Managing and mediating conflicts Leading civic engagement processes
  • Customized leadership training and development
  • Creating effective meetings and establishing accountability for implementation




Carol is committed to ongoing professional development as exemplified by her extensive training in facilitation from Interaction Associates, Institute of Cultural Affairs on Technology of Participation, Roger Schwarz and Associates, Michael Wilkinson’s Leadership Strategies Institute and the International Association of Facilitators. In addition, she has completed Public Policy Collaboration training with the National Policy Consensus Center.

Her mediation training was with Resolutions NW and the Confluence Center for Mediation and Training.

Carol received a B.A. from Oberlin College and an MSW from University of Chicago.